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Volunteer Requirements

St. Paul is grateful to all of the volunteers who dedicate their time, talents and treasures with St. Paul students, faculty and school community.

Anyone who would like to volunteer at St. Paul School must first complete three requirements set by the Diocese of Oakland and Safe Environment Department.

  1. Complete the Online VIRTUS Training - every three years
  2. Be Fingerprinted and Cleared through the Diocese of Oakland
    1. LiveScan Form (Mandatory for FingerPrint Processing)
  3. Submit a cleared Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire.

Contact Ms. Lia at 510-233-3080 for more details.

St. Paul School families are expected to assist in school activities in an effort to help reduce operating costs and/or provide enrichment opportunities for students. A minimum of 30 hours per year is required for each family with children in grades Transitional Kindergarten-8th.

Families may purchase requested items from our wish lists for the classrooms, school events, and office in lieu of volunteering. Please check with the front office prior to purchasing items for the classroom or school. Purchases will be credited as follows and must be accompanied by the original receipt to qualify: Families will receive 1 hour of service for every $25 spent. Please bring original receipts to the school office within a week of purchase to be recorded.

All service hours must be completed and recorded by May (see your contract for date) of the current school year. Any hours completed after that date will count for the following school year. Families who do not complete their hours by this contractual date of the current school year will be assessed a fee of $25.00 an hour for each hour not worked and will be billed on FACTS.

All St. Paul School volunteers need the following documents on file in the office:

2023-2024 Family Service Hour Form

For the 2023-24 school year, when completing PPH (Parent Participation Hours) please choose one of the following two options:

  2. if you have trouble completing it there, come by the lobby to record your completed hours. You will find a page for your family where you can log the hours you complete.For DONATIONS: Original receipts MUST be submitted to the office. Our staff or the event coordinator will review all your logged hours for approval. You will receive a report once per trimester updating you as to your completed required hours. Thank you for your service.

Livescan Fingerprint Information Livescan Request Form Virtus/Safe Environment Training Certificate (valid for 3 years) Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire (valid for 4 years)