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“St. Paul School is an outstanding school with fantastic teachers, staff and curriculum.It is a wonderful close-knit community that welcomes all families with open arms.Our daughter continues to flourish with the outstanding support from her teachers.We are blessed to have found St. Paul School, especially during this time; we appreciate all the support and educational options being offered.”

Class of 2028 parents

“With our kids back at St. Paul, we have a sense of relief knowing that the staff have gone above and beyond to ensure our students are safe.There is a real sense of community amongst the faculty and it is reaffirming to know that we are all in this together in providing our children with a little “sense” of normalcy during these unprecedented times.”

Class of 2024 and 2025 parents

“St. Paul school has been a blessing to my grandson and to my family.

Since the first day, my grandson was welcomed with a warm, and compassionate staff.They made the initial transition for my grandson to first grade a wonderful experience!The staff is professional, approachable, friendly, and wonderful! Since COVID, there have been so many restrictions and challenging times, when classes resumed, St. Paul school organized and kept the curriculum consistent.Mrs. Shoenrock, who is the 2nd grade teacher, went above and beyond. She engaged with her students and has never fallen short with the activities of homework assignments and projects! She conducts her zoom classes and expects children to apply themselves as if they were in a physical classroom. The Principal, Mrs. Flores promised that they will accommodate and make sure the curriculum and teachings will continue, she has kept her word and has been a blessing!

Everyone at Saint Paul's has been generous and accommodating to all the parents. There is so much more to say- overall they exceeded my expectation and continue to deliver. Thank you again!!!”

Class of 2029 grandparent

“There are so many wonderful things to say about St. Paul School. There is a strong sense of community and everyone on staff makes you feel like family. Our eldest son graduated in 2018 and our youngest son is currently in 6th grade. St. Paul School has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences. Classes are small and the education is personal. The principal, Mrs. Flores, and the teachers are wonderful! St. Paul School provides a high quality, faith-based education, successfully preparing students for their future. We are Blessed and fortunate to send our children here.”

Class of 2018 and 2023 parents & Class of 1991 Alumna

“St Paul Catholic School has been a great decision for our family both academically and spiritually. Our daughter has attended St. Paul for four years by now, and we couldn’t be happier with the education and spiritual guidance that she has received. The teachers have provided a positive environment for our daughter by encouraging a love for learning, self- confidence and pride in her own accomplishments. Furthermore, teachers have been more than willing to provide our daughter with extra support when the need arises. In addition to academics, the wonderful teachers and staff are reinforcing strong moral and faith values on a daily basis. We are glad to see how our daughter grows each year both academically and spiritually and we feel blessed to be part of St. Paul School.”

Class of 2025 Parents

“Being a part of the St. Paul School community is one of a kind. Our children get a top of the line education with exceptional teachers who teach from the heart. This environment and community nurtures our children to become exceptional human beings with the knowledge and the morals that are instilled within everyday.

Whether it is in-person or by distance learning, the message is clear- we are learning the way of the Lord, we are academically being challenged and we are doing it together. The inclusiveness during such a difficult time makes living through this pandemic a little easier. To say the least, we are blessed to be a part of such distinction.”

Class of 2027 and 2029 Parents

“Our family has been part of the St. Paul School community for 8 years. We now have 3 children attending. We remain a part of St. Paul School because of the dedicated teachers and staff that provide quality education within a safe and caring environment. As a parent, you strive for a school that will give your children the steppingstones to be the best version of themselves and that is what St. Paul School does.”

Class of 2021, 2027, and 2028 Parents

We are blessed to be part of this wonderful family, St. Paul School. It has been one of the best decisions for our daughters, learning one on one with the students to discover individual needs, the rigorous curriculum, the Catholic environment in which they develop and the love of all the staff. We are immensely grateful.

(Parents of students in Class of 2027 & 2028)