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Mission Statement


St. Paul Catholic School in the Diocese of Oakland educates children in the Catholic faith and nurtures their minds, bodies, and souls, inspiring them to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, achieve their highest academic and creative potential, and actively serve and enrich the community.


The philosophy of St. Paul School is twofold: first, to impart through instruction and example, the truths of the Christian faith as found in the Roman Catholic tradition; second, to provide an academic curriculum and learning environment that enables students to achieve their learning potential and become responsible individuals in our Church and society.

We believe the parents and caregivers are the primary educators and support them in this role.

We recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity unique to our school, encouraging students to develop attitudes of mutual respect and understanding.


St. Paul School opened in 1952. The Notre Dame of Cleveland Sisters started with just four grades and 184 students. The first principal, Sister Mary Agnessine, who was also the Mother Superior of the Sisters, started the school with a tuition rate of $2.00 per month.


Religious Goal
St. Paul School endeavors to be a living model of the love and philosophy of Jesus Christ.

Academic Goal
St. Paul School provides a learning environment which enables the intellectual development of each student to his/her fullest potential.

Social Goal
St. Paul School strives to help students develop a sense of mutual respect and mutual understanding.

Psychological Goal
St. Paul School helps students develop positive self-awareness so they can realize their greatest potential.

Physical Goal
St. Paul School encourages students to develop a healthy lifestyle, an appreciation of fair play, and an enjoyment of games and team sports.